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9 Jun 2010 . The Scottish actor Gerard Butler, who was linked to Jennifer Aniston last year, seems to have his eye on the London-based beauty these days.
15 Jun 2010 . Goga Ashkenazi news. S
Goga Ashkenazi with her friend Caroline
Goga Ashkenazi With friend Caroline
Goga Ashkenazi poses in session for the Evening Standard
Goga's sultry sesion for Evening Standard

Goga Ashkenazi St.Tropez 2011
Goga is an Oxford University graduate with a gold-mining and construction company. She's a close friend of Prince Andrew, Duke of York. The glamorous socialite originated from Kazakhstan and is to become Co-Chairwoman of Gift-Library.com - set to establish itself as one of the savviest online services around.

Goga Ashkenazi
Goga at Fashion show
Goga Ashkenazi in front of her house in London
Goga's place on earth